Mariners Cove Marina


Mariner’s Cove Marina is committed to quality customer service. We understand that our efforts affect the actual life experiences of our customers and guests. We will provide the same quality and exceptional service that we would expect to and want to receive as customers. We will provide the atmosphere and environment that will improve the quality of the lives of our customers and guests.


To deliver exceptional service we are committed to the following principles:

We will treat each customer with courtesy. Greet them with a smile and by name. We will make our customers’ experience with us easy and hassle free, treating them fairly, professionally and promptly.

When we make a mistake we will acknowledge it, apologize, and correct it quickly and cheerfully. We will be honest in our dealings, always deliver on promises, and meet deadlines, never forgetting to keep in communication with our customers.

We will listen empathetically to our customers and exceed their expectations, doing whatever it takes to address their needs.

We will take responsibility for our attitudes knowing that we are the masters of our thoughts. We will be proactive and not reactive to problems. We will decide how we are going to react to situations and will not let situations direct us or determine our attitudes.

We are empowered to solve problems on the spot even if it means we may have to modify or bend rules on occasion when necessary.

We will let every customer know that he or she is our most important customer.

We will not make excuses, pass blame, procrastinate, patronize or treat our customers in any way, which we would not want to be treated ourselves.

We will do the job right the first time.

We will follow up with our customers to discover if we are meeting their expectations and we will modify our Mission Statement as needed.

We will dress and present ourselves in a professional manner and provide the environment that our customers can be comfortable with and proud of.

We will be knowledgeable in our duties and always know the facts when answering questions. If we do not know the answer we will say so and get the answer promptly.

We will never ignore a problem or complaint. We will move quickly to solve all problems. We will be patient and tolerant knowing that anyone may have a “bad day” but we will not take it personally.

We will treat our peers as well as we do our customers.

We will organize and execute around our priorities.